RazoRock Hawk V2 Satin Silver Single Edge Razor


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The RazoRock Hawk SE Razor is CNC machined from 6061 billet and rod Aluminium, which was chosen for two reasons.

  • It brings the overall weight of the razor down. Artist Club style blades are very sharp and a lighter razor helps to give the user more control over the aggression of the shave
  • Aluminum is much faster and less expensive to machine and also less expensive to finish.

The Hawk accepts Feather Professional and Pro Guard or Kai Captain Titan Mild (Pinks) or Kai Captain Mild Protouch blades. The handle is 12mm in diameter, is 90mm in length and the razor weighs 40 grams. Although finished to a high standard RazoRock advise you not to expect perfection from this razor, they are produced to meet a price point and the odd mark or blemish can be expected.

If you have never shaved with an SE razor before, start slowly and not to apply excessive pressure with the razor as SE blades are thicker, sharper and more rigid than DE blades. Consider starting with the FEATHER Pro Guard Blade.

This is the new and improved V2 Hawk Razor in Satin Silver finish.



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RazoRock Hawk V2 Satin Silver Single Edge Razor