Fine Italian Citrus Shaving Soap 150ml - Shaving Station

Fine Italian Citrus Shaving Soap 150ml

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Fine Italian Citrus 21st Century Shaving Soap is produced using only the finest, premium ingredients and embodies the pinnacle of modern soap making craftsmanship. Provides an easy to build, thick and creamy lather which is ultra-slick and leaves the skin feeling conditioned and refreshed all day long.

Italian Citrus represents the epitome of Mediterranean panache, inspired by Acqua di Parma Colonia. A sublime blend of Citrus, Florals and Musk proved to be Fine's most difficult scent recreation of all time, but it was well worth it!

The new formula soap comes in a larger 150ml plastic tub with screw top lid in a Fine branded cardboard outer.

Made in Italy.

Headed up by Todd Cerami, Fine Accoutrements is a family owned business upholding the traditions of a proper traditional wet shave. Fine's motto is 'Get your best shave ever, and actually look forward to your next one!'. Mr. Fine's time-tested formulations paired with ultra-premium fragrances make for an unparalleled shaving experience.