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Zingari Man The Explorer Shaving Soap 5oz - Shaving Station

    Zingari Man The Explorer Shaving Soap 5oz

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    Do you think that freshness ever grows tired of smelling cold, dry, and minty? Surely, there must be more to smelling clean, well-kempt, and masculine. A step into the forest, for instance, is unlikely to lead the nose to cringe at the scent of filth. Even the darker notes carried on the woodsy air bring to mind a soothing sense of equilibrium—of complexity in perfect balance. How could we not venture into that other realm of freshness, then? In this fragrance, we dare to do just that, using Citrus, Cedar, Vetiver, Benzoin and more to capture a richer, woodsy-sweet cleanliness. Zingari have named this scent for he who dares to venture into the unknown in search of new takes on tired ideas, in search of novelty in the familiar: The Explorer.

    SCENT PROFILE : Citrus, Woods, Vetiver

    Zingari Man's Tallow base is guaranteed to impress you with its elite level slickness, residual cushion and glide and an unsurpassed post shave feel. Zingari feel that their post shave face feel is where they shine most, as they consider this a part of your skin health and the way your skin feels for the rest of your day.

    5oz of soap in a frosted jar

    Artisan made in USA.

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