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Seven Potions Woodland Harmony Beard Balm 60ml - Shaving Station

    Seven Potions Woodland Harmony Beard Balm 60ml

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    Seven Potions Woodland Harmony Beard Balm is expertly crafted to provide all of the ingredients that the modern gentleman’s beard may need. Be that extra conditioning, moisture, hydration, softening or styling help Seven Potions Beard Balm covers it all.

    Woodland Harmony blends Cedar and Sandalwood among other essential oils to deliver a woody fragrance with soft, sweet and warm accents. Like a stroll through the Bavarian Forest or Banff National Park, it brings intricate notes of nature as it works to improve beard health.

    Facial hair and skin types vary and some struggle to stay hydrated and moisturized more than others. Others simply won’t stay in place no matter how much you attempt to tame them, whether by comb or brush. Many things will impact these issues, from basic genetics to the water that you wash your beard with to what it faces every day including climate and air pollution. These variables can affect both the health and manageability of any modern gentleman’s beard but Seven Potions Beard Balm provides a reliable fix.

    Woodland Harmony is a leave-in conditioning formula that will work its way into your beard hairs and penetrate the skin below. This process softens the hair and replenishes vital oils needed for both health and look. A small amount of Seven Potions Beard Balm warmed between your fingers and worked into the strands of your beard will not just moisturize and hydrate, but also assist in beard styling, making sure you and your beard look properly coiffed and put together.

    All Natural, Premium Vegan Ingredients

    Like all Seven potions products, Woodland Harmony Beard Balm is crafted in England and formulated through a process that tested and optimized carefully selected, natural ingredients. Each one was chosen for its ability to contribute to the health and appearance of your facial hair and the skin below.

    A variety of oils, including Apricot Kernel and Coconut, combine to work in tandem with other all-vegan ingredients such as Shea and Rhus Succedanea fruit cera to provide not just hydration and moisture, but also help wispy whisker stay in place.

    The end result is healthy, tidy beard that any gentleman would be proud of.

    60ml tin in a Seven Potions branded box.

    Made in England.



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