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At last, a triple milled hard puck from RazoRock! There aren't many artisans left making triple milled hard shaving soaps, it's a dying art. 
Gold Label soap has added Charcoal which is ideal for all Skin types, especially those prone to oily skin due to its ability to absorb oil and dirt. Though it extracts excessive oil from oily skin, it also moisturises and nourishes for those with dry skin.
This is a hard triple milled soap so loading your brush and creating a great lather will take longer than with a soft soap, cream or croap. A good load of the brush for 45-60 seconds followed by a minute or two building the lather, adding drops of water to your brush or lathering bowl as required, should lead to a lather with a nice yogurt consistency.
A quintessential Italian Eau De Cologne scent of Sophisticated Citrus, or for those in the know, RazoRocks famous XXX!
100 gram puck in a screw top black jar, perfect for storage or travel.
Artisan made by a family in Northern Italy.



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RazoRock What the Puck Gold Label Shaving Soap