RazoRock HAWK V3 Stainless Steel SE Razor - Shaving Station
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RazoRock HAWK V3 Stainless Steel SE Razor

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Introducing the RazoRock HAWK V3 single edge razor, crafted from 316L marine grade Stainless Steel. The Standard Hawk which is perfect for those seeking a medium aggressive shave.

After Milling each piece of the HAWK V3 undergoes a three stage mechanical polishing procedure giving the razor a smooth, tool like finish. They are designed for function and to maintain the highest possible tolerances and tightest fit.

If you have never shaved with a Single Edge razor before, we urge you to start slowly and not to apply excessive pressure with the razor. SE blades are thicker and sharper than their DE conterparts and they require a bit of a learning curve.

Made in Canada.

NB : When screwing on the handle with a blade inserted, we strongly advise you to hold the razor head inside a thick towel just in case it slips.