RazoRock ECO UFO Single Edge Safety Razor - Shaving Station
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RazoRock ECO UFO Single Edge Safety Razor

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The RazoRock ECO is a single edge safety razor, CNC milled from a solid Aluminium billet and anodized for additional protection and colour. Any half DE blade will fit the ECO, either a standard DE blade snapped in half (with the paper still on) by simply bending until you hear a crack, or a dedicated half razor blade.

The ECO is also great for the environment by allowing for an easy transition from cartridge razor shaving, and with both razor and blades being re-cycleable the reduction in Plastic use is great for the planet. The cost of DE razor blades is also considerably less than cartridges making it great for your wallet too!

Supplied here with the stylish UFO handle.

Made in Canada.