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Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Phantom Blue Double Open Comb Slant Razor


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If you were a fan of the Phoenix Bakelite Open Comb Slant Razor, you will absolutely LOVE the Phantom Blue! However, it is to be noted, the Phantom Blue is not Bakelite nor is it the same design or geometry. The Phantom Blue is part of our PAA's new Open Comb Double Slant seriess of razors, a homage to The Vintage 1930s FASAN Double Slant Safety Razor. That's right, this means it is even more 'twisted' than its bakelite brother, providing an even more dramatic slant making for a smooth, effortless and lightweight shave.

The Phantom Blue is also ABS, rather than Bakelite, offering several advantages including the fact that it is recyclable and offers the potential for endless colour options (down the line from Douglas? Who knows!). ABS is also incredibly strong, impact resistant, shock absorbent and scratch resistant, coupled with the Brass hardware this beaut is going to last you years.

The Brass post on the Phantom Blue is a standard 1032 thread, so it can be mixed and matched with your other favourite handles, though we recommend you trial with the whole package before you switch it up! Unlike it's metal cousin, The Phantom Blue requires slight pressure, but very, very slight. As for the presumed learning curve, you should have it mastered by the end of a 3 pass shave. The dramatically shaped slant cap secures the blade at a precisely calculated cutting angle, which, in conjunction with the slanted open comb, creates a smooth scythe like cut. You will find it super efficient and truly pleasant to take down that unruly beard. Be sure to tighten the handle snugly for shaving. For closer shaves you can try loosening the handle by a 1/8 turn to a maximum of 1/4 turn, depending on beard thickness and your own assessment.

To sum things up, The Phantom Blue is a killer retro style, has superb build quality, excellent performance and is another excellent addition to the Phoenix Atrisan Accoutrements line up.

The Razor weighs in at 16 grams and has an overall length of 3.25 inches.



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