Lainess Honey Donkey Milk Shaving Soap 100g - Shaving Station

Lainess Honey Donkey Milk Shaving Soap 100g

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Lainess Honey shaving soap is made in collaboration with Le Pere Lucien in Vioune, France, and is produced using fresh, Organic Donkey Milk and Shea Butter.

Lainess soaps produce a superb, rich and creamy for a smooth shave which leaves the skin feeling perfectly hydrated. The Lactic Acid in Donkey Milk is an extremely effective natural humectant, which helps to reduce the loss of moisturise to leave your skin feeling soft and silky post shave, with the Shea Butter ensuring it is perfectly nourished all day.

A wonderful fragrance with notes of Honey, Spices and a touch of roasted Coffee.

LPL TOP TIP - To preserve your soap and all of its qualities, we recommend you leave it open permanently. This will allow it to dry, become harder and more economical.

100g tub, made in France.