Ikon B1 Standard DE Safety Razor - Shaving Station
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Ikon B1 Standard DE Safety Razor

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The legendary Ikon B1 Standard Razor is back!

Weighing in at 80 grams the exclusive 90mm Bulldog knurled handle is 13mm in diameter, crafted entirely from Stainless Steel and hard Chrome treated in a scratch resistant, matte finish with the Ikon logo laser engraved on the bottom. The handle is also designed to be interchangeable with any other head produced under the Ikon brand, as well as many other safety razor heads.

The head of the B1 is a technical masterpiece, manufactured from Stainless Steel and finished in a brilliant Black colour. An industry secret, the Black finish is not merely for aesthetics as it helps protect the head from corrosion and staining and also provides a smoother than normal face feel during the shave.

Total weight of the Ikon B1 Standard is 110 grams.