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Henson Shaving Ti22 Titanium Razor - Gunmetal Grey


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The Titanium Ti22 Razor from Henson puts luxury within your reach! The skill and experience required to machine an exotic metal such as Titanium to the tolerances Henson demand is a very rare commodity. Coming in at twice the strength of Steel, yet half the weight, the Henson Ti22 will add a sense of refined elegance to your morning shave.

This razor is the Medium aggression with .85mm blade gap and .002” blade exposure.

Value - Don’t Spend - Invest!

Investing in a Henson Ti22 means you're buying something that will last generations. Titanium is an exotic metal known for it's durability and that makes the Ti22 a truly "buy it for life" safety razor. And with the rave reviews our razors already get, you know you're buying something of exceptional quality and performance.

Precision - Eliminate the Chatter

Henson razors are manufactured using the same Aerospace processes and in the same facility which produces components for the Mars Rover, International Space Station and Low Earth Satellites. Designed and manufactured with extreme precision in mind, Henson razors are machined to a remarkable five ten-thousandth of an inch (0.0005) tolerance on all critical dimensions through the machining and anodizing process. This means your blade sits straight every time, and the blade support creates the most accurate blade exposure on the market. Accurate blade exposure combined with this unique design means no vibration in the blade, otherwise referred to as Chatter, which is known to contribute to razor burn and in-grown hairs.

Environmental Impact - Look to the Future

More than two billion, yes we said TWO BILLION disposable Razor and cartridges reach landfill every year. By investing in a Henson Safety Razor, your razor blades can be recycled at most recycling centres.

Colour : Gunmetal Grey

Made with pride in Canada.



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