Extro Cosmesi Espezial Shaving Cream 150ml - Shaving Station

Extro Cosmesi Espezial Shaving Cream 150ml

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Extro Cosmesi Espezial is an intriguing, masculine and yet mysterious oriental scent with notes of Pepper and Spice supported by Amber, Patchouli, Vetiver and Vanilla.

Enriched with coenzyme Q10 which enhances the elastacisty of the skin, toning and providing anti-wrinkle properties. The addition of Neem Oil, known for its anti-oxidants, and Vitamin E help to stimulate collagen production and prevent dry skin.

The 100% vegetable based ingredients used to produce Extro shaving creams can lead to a marbled appearance on the final product, this is perfectly normal and in no way inhibits the performance of the cream.

150ml in a Glass jar with screw top lid.

100% Artisan made in Italy.