Ariana & Evans Tertius Aftershave and Skinfood - Shaving Station

Ariana & Evans Tertius Aftershave and Skinfood

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A&E Tertius shaving soap is quite possibly the finest, most sophisticated Leather forward scent created with primary notes of Leather, Tobacco and Oud supported by a hint of Rose and Patchouli.

Tertius was created with Ariana and Evans brand new soap base, which is widely recognised by many as one of the best bases in the industry. A&E have added Strangisto Giaourti (yogurt), Camellia Oil and Argan Oil to their previous base, along with changes in ratios to improve lather, creaminess of lather, slickness and post shave.

100mm in a Glass bottle

Artisan made in the USA

Ariana & Evans is a new kind of luxury brand for traditional wet shavers and lovers of fine fragrances.  A&E offers unparalleled performance, superb scents and terrific value. Peter Charkalis, the mastermind behind A&E, has once again challenged the status quo, while blurring boundaries between traditional wet shaving and high-end niche type fragrances. A&E have no interest in playing it safe, rather their goal is to push the envelope, create new boundaries and bring you products that are uniquely different, edgy and without compromise.