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RazoRock Ivory Universal Shaving Brush Stand

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The RazoRock Universal Shaving Brush Stand was designed to fit the majority of the RazoRock brushes, as well as accomodating many other brush handle designs from other manufacturers. The stands are manufactured from solid resin making them both stable and sturdy. and measure 125mm in height

RazoRock believe it is important to hang a brush upside down, both after use and for long-term storage, as hanging a brush upside down serves two purposes

a) gravity gets the moisture out from deep in the knot, allowing the brush to dry better and keeping the knot lasting longer
b) prevents dust from getting inside your knot, so when you grab a brush you haven't used in a while, you don't have to clean all the household airborne dust from deep inside the knot.

The RazoRock Universal Stand will accomodate the following brushes: RazoRock Original Plissoft, RazoRock Snowman, RazoRock BC, RazoRock Big Brush, RazoRock Bruce, RazoRock Disruptor, RazoRock F-400 (Big Red 400), RazoRock Monster, RazoRock Beehive, RazoRock Barber Handle (Italian Flat, Chrome, Black), RazoRock Keyhole, RazoRock 506 Handle , RazoRock 505 Handle (near middle), RazoRock Blondie Boar, Semogue Owner's Club, Omega 20106

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